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Introducing our 5 course creators!

"At first glance, no one on Continuum’s list of “industry pros” is recognizable by face, no Navals or Mr. Beasts." In light of this sentence being used to describe our course creators, we decided that it is time to introduce them.

Continuum is for anyone who wants to learn or teach creative or business skills — designers, artists, marketers, creators, students, freelancers, business owners, community managers, social media managers etc. Our founders are self-taught creatives. They personally had their lives changed by the incredible generosity of the creative community online.

As creatives, we’ve posted millions of pieces of content — tutorials, insights, advice, resources etc. — yet we are still operating, in our view, a global decentralized design and business school, on photo and video sharing platforms. Creators on our app are approved by our founders, or go through a 1 on 1 call with our founder where they access the value new creators bring to our growing community of learners. These creators are more commonly known as Edu-creators where they create educational content that helps their community.

Hopefully, this article will make our course creators more recognizable and appreciated in the future.

Courses on Continuum are much larger amalgamations of "shorts", related to one another on a particular subject and organized into lessons. A course typically have a minimum of 1 lesson and a maximum of 55 lessons. A lesson will have 2-15 pieces of content which could be videos of 2-3 minutes in length or carousels of 2-9 slides. Our courses have a 1-2 question multiple-choice quiz at the end of each which meant to test our user's knowledge after going through the course.

Let's take a look at 5 of our course creators today.

  1. Shyne Webster

She is a brand strategist, designer, Adobe Express Ambassador, and founder of Designed by Shyne. After starting her first business at 17, she founded her studio a year later; today, she has helped nearly 100 brands grow. As a leader of other rebels and disruptors, Shyne is blazing a "bright orange trail" in the industry with her anti-hustle, human-first approach.

You might have seen her branding courses inside our app, one of our community members summarise her course as part of his submission for our ambassador program. You can find out more about our ambassador program here.

You can visit Shyne's website by clicking here.

  1. Myriam Phung

As a Lead Brand Designer, Myriam helps brands create badass identities. As a freelancer, she has the opportunity to work with people all over the world. Although the cultures are different, the objectives are the same: to communicate in a coherent and impactful manner. With each new creative project, she challenges herself to improve and move forward.

She created "The Basics Of Typography" and "What's The Difference between Image file formats". Both courses are important basics freelance graphic designers should know to be better graphic designers.

Check out her most recent work on Instagram.

  1. Rich Webster

Rich is a designer, agency owner, and entrepreneur. From all-nighters to burnout, to 70+ hour weeks, Rich now spends less than 15 hours a week running his agency. Now he’s obsessed with teaching people how to work less by building their own profitable lifestyle business. His course, Productivity for Creatives goes over productivity principles, client communication and running a productive business.

Skip reading 100 over productivity & business books and learn directly from him through his course on our platform.

He recently created a carousel on Instagram to explain why workers spend 21.5 hours a week in meetings as a waste of time, continue reading his content here.

  1. Jamey Gannon

Did you know that a huge portion of our early users actually came from our founder, Jamey!

Jamey is a self-taught Gen Z designer, strategist, and content creator. Alongside with Jason, they built Continuum to tap into the community to give educational resources and tools creatives deserves. Jamey have worked with several leading web 3 brands, adobe, and Figma. Learn directly from Jamey by taking her course that will help you find your personal design style. She is currently working on 2 other courses which we will release more information about it soon.

Visit her website by clicking here.

  1. Tanishqua

Tanishqua is an AR Designer and Creator who has been creating augmented reality experiences for social media. As someone who has been featured as one of the "AR Creators you must follow" by LensList, a prominent AR blog. He has created dozens of Snapchat Lenses and Instagram Filters. Outside of AR, he likes a good Netflix binge, especially documentaries.

His course, "Beginner's Guide to Social AR - How to make filters?", covers everything you need to know to get started with your career in the field of AR. Get started by clicking this link on a mobile device.

Follow Tanishqua on Instagram right now.

There are other creators on our app who create "shorts" that aren't listed here.

"Shorts" are edutainment content that lives on Continuum's feed, "shorts" can be videos of 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length or carousels of 2 to 9 slides. Continuum is more than having comment sections or hashtags. To connect the incredible community of educators, learners, and creators, all content on the Continuum platform is curated to ensure you are learning from the best, in the most efficient and engaging way possible.

We are currently creating a resource that help new users better understand how Continuum works and we will be sharing it with you shortly.

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